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The Story

Karen Anne Murray began her first small business at the age of ten and over the years has owned and operated six small businesses in Europe and North America. Having graduated as a Chef from The University College Birmingham, England over 30 years ago, she has a wealth of knowledge of the food industry and has being an entrepreneur for 20 years plus, while making time for family, friends and fun.

Courage is Karen’s favorite word and living courageously has allowed her to create a life that is balanced and fulfilling. Many people have asked for her advice when thinking of starting their own business or going through a career or life change.

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Welcome to her next courageous step: My COURAGEOUS You! It is an opportunity for you to have a helping hand in making your first or next courageous move in life.

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Consulting Packages

Packages are available to clients within all 50 United States

Phase 1 $350.00
Are you on a budget but really in need of guidance, ideas & information to help you take the next step?
This 2 hour session will leave you with a map of to dos that will make a difference with what you are hoping to achieve..

Phase 2 $888.00 or 4 monthly payments of $250.00 each
This package includes four monthly 2 hour sessions that will leave you well prepared to reach your goal(s) Whether it is learning if your dream business can actually become a reality or balancing your busy single or family lifestyle to make it more rewarding, it is time spent with YOU as the focus!
This package includes a My COURAGEOUS You! tote bag.

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